Ability to Use Martech is Biggest Investment Barrier: Adverity Report

The drop in martech and adtech stocks certainly reflects over-all market conditions.  But it can’t help that 67% of SMB CMOs are overwhelmed by the volume of marketing data, according to this Adverity survey.  The biggest investment barriers are lack of knowledge about using the systems (27%), integration complexity (23%) and adoption (19%).

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Martech and Adtech Stocks Dropped Nearly by Half in Last Year: GP Bullhouse Report

October 24, 2022

You surely don’t need reminding that investors have pulled back from martech and adtech companies recently.  But if you’re looking for gruesome details, GP Bullhound has lots of them in this sector report.  No promises that I did the math right, but my calculations show the weighted average martech stock dropped by 49% over the past year and the weighted average adtech stock dropped 46% if you exclude Alphabet and 32% if you include them.  Channel Advisor, The Trade Desk, and Weave did much better than most.

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