Ads.Txt Reduces Ad Fraud Nearly 20%: Pixalate Study

Let’s end with some good news: Ads.txt seems to be working. Fraud intelligence company Pixalate found 19% lower fraud rates on sites using ads.txt, which helps to ensure that people selling ads for a Web site are authorized to do so. Adoption is now around 75% although it may have stalled.

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Feds Sue Facebook for Housing Discrimination

April 1, 2019

In the mood for some Face-bashing? You’ll have to stand in line behind the US Department of House and Urban Development, which just sued Facebook for enabling housing discrimination by letting advertisers target ads in distinctly discriminatory ways. This after Facebook removed age, gender, and Zip code targeting for housing, employment, and credit ads — after blithely permitting them for years – and even banned white nationalist and separatist content after figuring out that they are inextricably associated with hate groups. Clueless doesn’t do them justice.

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Bolt Acquires Tipser for Seamless Checkout Everywhere

November 30, 2021

Ecommerce checkout platform Bolt has purchased Tipser, whose technology converts any “digital surface” into a purchasing opportunity.  You can almost see them drooling as they describe the ability to shop in “an online publication, a mobile marketplace, a price comparison site, a social media platform, or a search engine” using Tipser’s “turn-key publisher marketplaces, touchless merchant integrations, and headless implementation capabilities”.  Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming.

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