Ads.Txt Reduces Ad Fraud Nearly 20%: Pixalate Study

Let’s end with some good news: Ads.txt seems to be working. Fraud intelligence company Pixalate found 19% lower fraud rates on sites using ads.txt, which helps to ensure that people selling ads for a Web site are authorized to do so. Adoption is now around 75% although it may have stalled.

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Feds Sue Facebook for Housing Discrimination

April 1, 2019

In the mood for some Face-bashing? You’ll have to stand in line behind the US Department of House and Urban Development, which just sued Facebook for enabling housing discrimination by letting advertisers target ads in distinctly discriminatory ways. This after Facebook removed age, gender, and Zip code targeting for housing, employment, and credit ads — after blithely permitting them for years – and even banned white nationalist and separatist content after figuring out that they are inextricably associated with hate groups. Clueless doesn’t do them justice.

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Real-Time Data Leads to Quicker Growth: Confluent Survey

May 24, 2022

No one really doubts that real-time data is useful, but here’s more concrete data in case you’ve been arguing the point: this Confluent survey of IT leaders finds 63% of companies with widespread access to real-time data showed 10% or higher revenue growth, compared with just 44% of companies with only some access grew as fast.  Integrating multiple data sources was the most common obstacle to real-time access, cited by 60% of respondents.

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