ChurnZero AI Writes Service Messages Based on Brief User Prompts

It’s pretty clear that stories about AI-written content won’t be newsworthy for much longer.  But it’s still worth noting the next phase, which is systems that embed AI-authors directly within their workflows.  So here’s customer success platform ChurnZero, which has just released a test version of its system to let AI write emails, call scripts, or story suggestions based on a few words of instruction.

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Disconnected Data Biggest Social Marketing Challenge: Emplifi Report

January 12, 2023

This Emplifi survey of social marketing leaders isn’t focused on CDPs, although it does find that 58% of respondents have one in place and another 31% are planning to invest.  That’s a good thing, since creating a single customer view is the most common marketing strategy challenge (45%), beating out unrealistic expectations for what marketing can do (42%), lack of content (36%), and inadequate marketing technologies (36%).

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MulticoreWare announces expansion of its R&D operations in India, establishes MAGIC lab at Amrita University

January 12, 2023

MulticoreWare, a global technology company offering solutions and products related to compilers, machine learning & AI analytics, video encoding and autonomous mobility inaugurated its R&D facility at Amrita University to pursue joint research activities. This step is an important milestone in the partnership between two organizations.

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Amazon Backs Down on Charging Sellers Who Don’t Use Its Fulfillment Services

September 25, 2023

There’s probably no limit to Amazon’s greed – because capitalism – but there are constraints as governments regulate BigTech more aggressively and, just maybe, the free market works its wonders. Amazon cited “seller sentiment related to the fee” in its statement pulling back from its planned 2% fee on sellers who don’t use its Prime fulfillment services.  But looming antitrust cases likely had something to do with it.

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