Cloud-Based Data Warehouses Yield Significant Customer Benefits: MessageGears Study

Messaging vendor MessageGears has another survey about customer data management, focusing on cloud-based “modern data warehouse” platforms such as Azure, BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake. Benefits of moving to a cloud warehouse include flexibility (26%), security (22%), 360-degree customer view (20%), time savings (19%), and better segmentation and personalization (14%). More than half of users say the change has yielded “significant” customer benefits.

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Healthtech Deals Keep On Coming

January 14, 2020

Turns out we have a flood (plague? rash? epidemic?) of healthtech news today. Infor bought Intelligence InSites, which captures and distributes real-time location data about medical equipment. HCA Healthcare just bought Valify, which analyzes hospital resource use. engagement platform SCI Solutions acquired Tonic Health, a SaaS-based platform that lets patients fill out forms, check in for appointments, make payments, and more. Healthcare data provider Definitive Healthcare bought analytics software company PatientFinder.’s contagious!

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