Consumers More Skeptical of AI Than Marketers: SurveyMonkey Study

One of our favorite story lines is that marketers think they’re doing a better job than their customers do.  This SurveyMonkey report makes the familiar point: 86% of CX and digital marketing pros said they consistently deliver a personalized experience but just 8% of consumers agreed.  Here’s a new twist: 63% of pros think AI will improve CX but just 25% of consumers agree.  In fact, 32% of consumers think AI will make CX worse.

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June 27, 2023
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CNIL fines Criteo $44M for failure to comply with GDPR

June 27, 2023

Criteo, which specializes in tracking internet users for retargeting with display ads, allegedly failed to obtain proof of consumer consent for processing their data, according to French regulator, CNIL. Under European law, a third-party data companies like Criteo are required to take steps to verify that consumers have consented to have their data used. CNIL appealed to and got agreement from the other EU regulators.

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