Consumers Want Retail Convenience: BRP Consulting Survey

On the other hand, BRP Consulting argues that marketers should give consumers more personalization, not less. They found 87% of consumers want a “personalized and consistent experience across channels” while just 53% of retailers make personalization a top priority. But BRP is looking at convenience features, such as a shopping cart shared across channels or real time inventory visibility, not personalized offers.

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Personalization Works Best When Brands Build Long-Term Relationships: Monetate Report

March 14, 2019

We wrote yesterday about marketers doing too much personalization, so it seems only fair to cover this Monetate report that personalization correlates with strong financial performance. But there’s less contradiction than it seems: companies with the best results are targeting lifetime value and loyalty while those focused immediate revenue or conversion lagged substantially. In other words, personalization works when it meets real customer needs.

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