Domino’s Mexico Implemented Segment CDP Platform to Increase ROAS, Revenue and Incremental Orders Across All Ecommerce Channels

Domino’s needed to turn its focus to online delivery and build more engagement across its digital platforms, so they implemented Segment platform with a use case of cross-sell/upsell campaigns via personalized offers. They launched a series of Facebook and Google ads campaigns to influence customer conversion and retention and they were able to identify eight cohorts of customers and create personalized customer journeys for each based on behaviors. They increased campaign effectiveness, producing a 700% increase in ROAS (return on ad spend) and 65% decrease in CPA (cost per acquisition).

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Modelorama to Host In-Store Media Network in 50,000 LATAM Locations

July 8, 2021

Mexico’s Grupo Modelo, Intel Corporation and Retailigent Media will work VSBLTY Groupe Technologies and Tech Mahindra to roll out, operate, and analyze video cameras, screens, and hardware to create the largest in-store media network in Latin America. In addition to advertising the network will provide store traffic and customer anonymous demographics, coupled with daily sales, critical operations-related data and real time security. Deployment is already underway in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

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July 8, 2021
CDPI Emerging Markets
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ArcSpan DMP Lets Publishers Monetize Visitors Without Cookies

June 1, 2023

A cookieless DMP?  Sounds crazy, no?  Yet here is our little village of…oh wait, sorry.  Too much musical theater.  What I meant to say is that ArcSpan calls itself a DMP but, unlike the traditional kind, builds and sells segments based on page contents and custom audience attention metrics.  This lets publishers charge more for impressions that are not tied to addressable individuals.  Radical!

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