Fraud, Brand Safety, and Privacy Fears Push Media Buyers Away from Open Ad Exchanges: Trusted Media Brands Report

I couldn’t find a third item about outdoor. But programmatic buying is a driving that market so it’s relevant. This study from multi-channel publisher Trusted Media Brands predicts growth in private marketplaces and guaranteed programmatic, as open exchanges lose business due to fears about fraud, brand safety and data privacy. But ROI is still media buyers’ top concern so open exchanges won’t vanish as long as they deliver. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that marketers who struggle to measure ROI still prioritize it over more concrete considerations like fraud?

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Sixty Percent of Marketers Are Changing Their Global Privacy Approach Due to GDPR: Demandbase Survey

August 13, 2018

Despite the confusion around GDPR, 60% of companies in this Demandbase survey said it has caused them to change their global approach to privacy. Yet just 32% were fully GDPR compliant while 22% were entirely unaware of it. Not quite half – 41% — were at least somewhat concerned that their martech vendors might expose them to GDPR compliance risks. The survey was taken several weeks after the GDPR effective date.

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