Google Makes It Easier to Block Retargeting Ads

Some better news: Google last week announced they’re making it easier for consumers to block retargeting ads. At least, that’s good news for consumers. Marketers might think otherwise.

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Two-Thirds of Advertisers Have Seen Brand Unsafe Ad Placements: GumGum Report

February 2, 2018

Yesterday’s newsletter looked at marketers who treat consumers poorly. Today, let’s look at marketers getting poor treatment from ad channels. Start with research from image analysis vendor GumGum, which found that 67% of brands have seen at least one brand-unsafe ad placement. Actual consequences are limited: 47% had seen social media criticisms but just 2.3% had lost more than $100,000 in revenue. Nevertheless, nearly half (48%) said they’d adopted a technology to avoid these problems in the past year, bringing the total using such technology to 86%.

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