Grabb-It Shows Video Ads on Car Windows. No, Really.

Today’s theme might be ambivalence. Just in case, let’s finish another idea that’s either great or terrible: location-based video ads on automobile windows. This from Grabb-It, whose demonstration video shows people fascinated when they see a window ad for (apparently) the first time. How quickly will it become annoying?

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Half of Users Don’t Change Passwords After Being Hacked: LastPass Research

August 30, 2018

One eternal question about privacy is whether consumers really care. Password protection vendor LastPass found that consumers still engage in terribly risky behaviors, like using the same password for multiple accounts, even though they know better. In fact, just 55% said they’d change a password after an account had been hacked. But let’s not be negative: you can read this as an uplifting tale of unquenchable human optimism in the face harsh reality.

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Big Tech Suffers Big Drop in Customer Data Trust: Jebbit Survey

August 8, 2022

Greater public attention to privacy has reduced trust in all tech providers, including those like Apple and Google that have positioned themselves as privacy-friendly.  Apple’s rank in Jebbit’s annual Consumer Data Trust Index fell from 17 to 43, while Google fell from number 4 to 89.  Amazon fell just slightly, from first to fourth place, while Facebook actually improved a bit from 97 to 88.

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