Infutor Offers CRM Data Cleansing and Enhancement

Infutor does focus on customer data and on identity management in particular. They just released an online service that lets companies clean and enhance their CRM data. The service draws on Infutor’s own identity graph of more than 260 million consumers. It applies a persistent ID for identity resolution and tracking over time.

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More Big Advertisers Join Facebook Boycott

June 30, 2020

Microsoft is also on the list of companies joining the #StopHateForProfit Facebook advertising boycott, along with HP, Ford, Honda, Unilever, BestBuy, Denny’s, Pepsi, Hersey, Clorox, and others. The coalition of civil rights organizations behind the boycott rejected adjustments offered by Facebook on Friday and listed demands for substantive changes in policies that foster extremism. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration illustrated its own commitment to free speech by suggesting that Facebook and other social platforms suppress messages from protesters. Oh, and Twitch temporarily suspended Trump from its platform. Busy day.

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