Instacart Expands Marketing Services for Grocers

Instacart has been building out its marketing solutions for some time now, taking advantage of its direct connection with consumers as they plan their grocery purchases.  The company has added new options for marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, including an option to join a grocer’s new loyalty program from within the Instacart app itself.  It has also added three service tiers, from self-serve to strategic partnerships, to help grocery marketers with different levels of need.

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Consumers Pay Less Attention to Brand Purpose Than You May Think: GfK Study

March 28, 2023

The European Commission has published new rules penalizing companies for false environmental claims, although some critics say the rules are too watered down to matter.  But maybe companies don’t need to make the claims at all: GfK found that more than half of consumers couldn’t name any brand that is working to improve the environment, and that companies with poor records are viewed as favorably as companies with good ones.  Go figure.

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One-Third of Marketers Will Buy a CDP This Year: Optimove Survey

May 31, 2023

Just over one-third of marketers plan to either buy a new CDP (21%) or replace an existing one (13%) this year, according to this Optimove survey. Unfortunately, it doesn’t report how many have a CDP already in place, which would put the other values in perspective. It does seem that CDPs are a relatively low priority: they rank sixth on the list of new systems and eighth on the list of systems to replace.

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