Kentico Decomposes Itself with Spin-Off of CMS

Kentico has spun off its headless CMS product as a separate company,  The new firm is born with a good-sized silver spoon in the form of $40 million funding.  Kentico will now focus on its no/low code digital experience platform, formerly known as Ketico Xperience.

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Companies with Better CX Had Better Pandemic Results: XM Institute

July 18, 2022

One causal relationship that’s pretty clear is better customer experience leads to better financial performance – at least where monopolies are not involved.  This report from Qualtrics’ XM Institute proves the point yet again, showing that companies with a high CX rating at the start of the pandemic substantially outperformed their peers during 2020.  The authors argue that companies with better CX were more agile, which let them adapt more effectively to pandemic challenges.

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Hivery Gathers $30 Million to Optimize Local Retail Assortments

July 15, 2022

People working at Hivery, a retail assortment optimization vendor, apparently call themselves Hiverians, although there’s no sign they dress up as bees.  The company claims 20 of the top 25 global consumer package goods brands use its advanced algorithms to tailor retail assortments to local conditions.  They just raised a $30 million Series B, no doubt prompting a waggle dance or two.

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