More on Personalization from Cheetah Digital, Movable Ink, MoEngage, and OneScreen

Cheetah Digital says the most consumers find location-based ads from companies they don’t know to be creepy (67%), beating our ads related to something they said near a smart device (63%). Movable Ink finds 51% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that sends them personalized communications and over half will provide personal data in exchange. MoEngage reports dynamic personalization and auto-triggered emails greatly out perform non-personalized emails, and gives details by region and industry. OneScreen says 79% of consumers feel personally targeted ads show a brand understands them better than competitors, but r65% say personal targeting is unsafe, 81% say it’s invasive, and 92% say it’s creepy. Et cetera, et cetera.

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Consumers Like Personalization But Not With Purchased Data: Twilio Segment Report

June 22, 2022

There’s less surprise in the personalization surveys, which consistently show that consumers want personalized treatment but still care about privacy.   Twililo’s State of Personalization 2022 reports increases 62% of consumers will be less loyal to brands that fail to deliver a personalized experience, up from 45% in 2021.  But 65% worry data is being collected without their permission and just 40% trust brands to use it responsibly.  On the bright side, 63% are okay with personalization so long as it’s based on data a brand has collected rather than purchased.

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Meta Releases Lying, Offensive AI and Pretends to Be Surprised

November 23, 2022

Like trouble, bad behavior by Meta shows up whether you look for it or not.  The latest is an open-source language model that was supposed to provide reliable search results because it was trained on academic papers.  Alas, it was quickly withdrawn after reviewers found that it returned results that were grammatical and plausible but also incorrect, not to mention filled with “antisemitism, homophobia, and misogyny.”  How can this be a surprise?

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