mParticle Adds Xbox Data Collection

You’ve made it clear, Dear Reader, that CDP vendor news is your favorite. So here’s an announcement that mostly-mobile CDP mParticle has added a native SDK for Xbox. Like Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for a man”, it’s less important for what it is than what it signifies: the ever-expanding range of customer behaviors that marketers can capture.

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Value of Personal Data Depends on Who You Ask: Trustwave Research

December 15, 2017

A happy reader of this newsletter told me recently that what he likes is knowing when nothing important has happened. Ouch! But fair enough, and today is one of those days. So let’s talk about a clever Trustwave study that calculated the different values placed on personal data by security professionals, insurers, regulators, and cyber criminals. Turns out, the market value of your data to criminals is insultingly low. No information on the values assigned by marketers or the consumers themselves.

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Arrivalist Connects Digital Ads with Real-World Store Visits

December 13, 2017

Location data from mobile devices may be the most important tool connector between digital and physical experiences. Arrivalist captures information from more than 120 million devices, including ads they’ve displayed and where they’ve physically been. It combines these to estimate the impact of advertising on store traffic. They just released a 3.0 version which includes cross-device tracking of individuals and multi-touch attribution.

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