Nielsen Improves Connected TV Ad Measurement

The Pubmatic study also found that poor measurability is among the top obstacles to OTT TV advertising, with privacy and security close behind. Nielsen can’t help with privacy but they’re making a big push to improve measurement. They’ve recently added connections to 55 million devices including Vizio smart TVs, DISH and AT&T DIRECTV set-top boxes, and Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising panel.

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Companies Build Software for Competitive Advantage: Rackspace Survey

November 20, 2020

Meanwhile, this Rackspace survey finds there is no radical shift towards building rather than buying software, even though no code/low code technologies are widely adopted. But they also find that companies are focusing their building on customer-facing systems that create unique competitive advantages. Especially interesting, companies cite the same reasons in the same order for both building and buying: ease of use/implementation, competitive advantage, customization, and cost savings.

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