Product-Led Growth Isn’t for Everyone: OpenView Report

Product-led growth methods, such as freemium and free trial systems, are the latest silver bullet.  This OpenView report doesn’t exactly challenge the trend, but it does show it works better in some situations than others.  Did you know that activation rates are twice as high for single-user products than products requiring collaboration?

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Salesforce Integrates New CDP Partners via AppExchange

June 9, 2022

Salesforce has new AppExchange partners for its CDP, including Annalect, Acxiom, Criteo, LiveRamp, MediaMath, Metarouter, Neustar, Nine Digital, Streamlytics, The Trade Desk, Yahoo and WPP Resolve, along with a Google Ads integration. Other news from the company’s Connections event includes several new product names and new integrations among its marketing, commerce, customer service, and Slack products. If that’s not trendy enough for you, they’ve dipped their toe into Web3.0 with a closed pilot of NFT Cloud , which lets users create and manage non-fungible tokens.

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