Rightpoint and Core DNA Combine to Deliver Digital Marketing Solution

Digital marketing agency Rightpoint announced a managed solution based on Core DNA’s digital marketing platform. This is an excuse to mention the emergence of content management as a strategic capability almost on par with customer data management. It’s something that has come up in several consulting engagements and a point I’ve been meaning to discuss. Now that that’s off my chest, I should admit that Core DNA isn’t a good poster child for the concept: they actually a comprehensive digital customer experience solution that manages content, customers, omnichannel interactions, and digital transactions. Systems like that are another trend worth mentioning. Come to think of it, so are managed services arrangements like the combined Rightpoint/Core DNA offering. So many trends, so little time, eh?

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Freshdesk Acquires Data Integration Startup Pipemonk

January 6, 2017

Cloud-based customer service system provider Freshdesk has acquired Pipemonk, a small data integration vendor. This should help clients integrate Freshdesk with data from other systems, including Freshdesk’s own half-dozen acquisitions in the past 16 months. My hidden message: integration among cloud systems is possible but still not trivial, so most companies will need specialized systems like CDPs to help.

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CES 2017: Hubblo Launches a New Era of Personal Virtual Reality Broadcasting

January 3, 2017

Looking even further into the future, we have a personal virtual reality camera being announced at the CES show in Las Vegas. Personal virtual reality is exactly where things seem to be headed. Just to be clear, though, this particular product does is use six cameras to create a 360-degree streaming video of your own actual reality to share with others. So it’s still disappointingly tethered to the real world. It does help to clarify the importance of streaming video.

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