Roblox Raises $520 Million Series H for Games and Fun

It’s also not news that the gaming industry has done well during the pandemic or that Roblox is one of the biggest winners.  But the message here is that Roblox is about community building, not just games.  Oh, and they just raised a $520 million Series H, bringing total funding to $855 million ahead of a planned public offering.

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Companies with Unified Customer Data Get Better Business Results: Aberdeen Study

January 8, 2021

This Aberdeen report provides more mental comfort food.  They found that companies who do a better job of unifying their customer data have better business results.   Other pleasingly familiar news: 78% are not satisfied with their ability to use their customer data, poor integration is the biggest obstacle to data utilization, and half the respondents use ten or more communication channels.

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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Put Brief Hold on Sedition

January 7, 2021

This isn’t a place for political news but we can’t pretend yesterday was normal.  So let’s talk about the social media sites that drive so much violence.  We’ll start with a report that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter put a brief restriction the President’s riot-stoking messages.  It’s like keeping your teenager home from soccer practice for one day because she murdered Granny.

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Salesforce Offers Free Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud Customers

February 21, 2024

Salesforce is offering a free version of its CDP-esq Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud customers, with the apparent goal of increasing use of Marketing Cloud.  The Data Cloud offers Marketing Cloud users a unified view of data in Salesforce clouds and other systems via no-copy access to cloud databases and Mulesoft connectors.  The company also unveiled a small business edition of Marketing Cloud.

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