News Targets Programmatic Ads by Physical Address is another programmatic ad platform, specializing in localized buys. They just announced a geo-fencing solution that sends messages to people when they enter a physical location, such as their home or business address. There’s nothing like coming home to a friendly Web ad after a hard day at work.

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Customer Data by Far the Most Valuable: SnapLogic Survey

July 12, 2018

Integration platform SnapLogic put a dollar value on companies’ data tech investments and the benefits of success. They found the average business will double its spend on data activation to $1.7 million in five years and expects to add $5.2 million revenue in return. Customer data was ranked as most valuable by 69% of respondents, far ahead of IT data (50%) and internal financial data (40%).

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Retail Rocket Raises $24 Million and Buys Sailplay to Enter U.S. Market

July 6, 2022

Netherlands-based retention management platform Retail Rocket just raised a $24 Million Series A, and immediately spent some of it to buy Sailplay, a New York-based marketing automation vendor that will grow its U.S. presence.  Retail Rocket builds unified customer profiles in a module it charmingly calls Data Warehouse, and has other modules for AI-driven personalization, segmentation, and campaign management.  The company has more than 1,000 global clients across Europe and South America.

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