Tealium Raises $96 Million Series G

CDP Tealium yesterday announced a $96 million Series G funding, raising their total to $264 million.  It’s the second-largest CDP funding round in our files and puts Tealium in second place for total CDP funding.  Segment, now part of Twilio, is the leader in both categories.

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IT Leaders See High CDP Impact: Adobe Survey

February 5, 2021

And what do IT leaders think?  Adobe found they rank CDPs (33%) second only to predictive analytics (37%) in impact on customer experience, well ahead of chatbots, robotic process automation, and other advanced technologies.  Two-thirds said IT was solely (31%) or jointly (37%) in charge of martech, compared with 15% who said marketing was in control.  You’d likely get a different answer if you polled a bunch of marketers.

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IT Teams Build Sloppy Automations: TeamDynamix Survey

August 17, 2022

IT teams spend lots of time on repetitive requests from business users, finds this TeamDynamix survey.  You might think the implication is IT should let users do more for themselves.  But the main time-wasters are things like password resets, employee on-boarding, and managing credentials, which can’t really be delegated.  And here’s the kicker: IT professionals automate those tasks by building sloppy, insecure, undocumented scripts, just like the non-professionals.   Fun fact: 53% of teams manage 100 or more applications.

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