Twilio Segment Launches Developer Toolkit

There’s a geeky sort of comfort in applying the familiar build vs buy debate to CDPs.  But the boring truth is every company will do a mix of both.  Twilio Segment has further blurred, or maybe clarified, the issue with a new Developer Toolkit that helps technical staff tailor their Segment CDP to their own business needs.

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NewsGuard and Comscore Help Advertisers Avoid Misinformation Sites

August 23, 2021

Advertisers hoping to avoid placements on misinformation news sites can now rely on exclusion lists prepared by the NewsGuard rating service,  The lists will be available through Comscore’s contextual targeting solution, which applies pre-bid inventory filters to programmatic ad purchases.  NewsGuard creates a trust score for news sites based on criteria such as publication of false content, corrections when errors occur, and source of funding.

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Just 17% of Martech System Replacements Are Home-Built: MarTech Report

July 7, 2022

The build-vs-buy debate never ends, and sometimes build really makes sense.  But buy is clearly the way to bet: just 17% of martech replacement projects chose a homegrown solution this year, according to this MarTech survey.  That’s down from 31% the year before.  CDPs were among the least common replacements, maybe because they’re awesome and maybe because most CDP implementations are fairly new.  Download for more fun facts.

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