Verizon Report Offers Great Graphics

This Verizon report about data breaches is also inherently negative, but I’m actually including it because the report itself is so well presented. It’s worth a download to check out the exceptionally clear explanations and graphics. Take your wins where you find them, my friend.

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Man the luxury barricades! Shout out to brands to play offense for consumers

September 22, 2020

Luxury Institute: Marketers must make privacy a top brand asset  In a survey conducted by Transcend, 98% of 1,000 consumers agreed data privacy is important to them and will be even more critical in the next five years. The Luxury Institute views the management of privacy as a missed opportunity for companies – viewed more as a legal task than a marketing opportunity. They say companies must reverse that and play to win by creating “personal data pods,” so consumers can actively manage their data assets.

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