75% of Companies Fabricate CRM Data for Decisions: Validity Survey

Finally, Validity reports that a rather shocking 33% of respondents say their staff “often” fabricates CRM data to tell the story they want management to hear and another 42% do it “sometimes”.   Meanwhile, 44% say poor data quality costs their company over 10% of its revenue every year.  But 76% still rate the quality of their CRM data as good or very good.  Go figure.

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Few CDPs Offer Full Consent Management Capability: CDP Institute Report

February 14, 2022

Believe it or not, we have yet another CDP Institute report just out, this one on privacy features in CDP systems.  More than 40 vendors answered our survey on the topic, while found that relatively few call themselves a consent management platform but nearly all can use consent and preference data to govern access to customer profiles.  Privacy features are an important differentiator for at least some of the industry, writes author Marianne Hewitt at Growth Strategy Group.

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SALESmanago Adds Features to Collect Data, Save Planet

February 11, 2022

We all know that CDPs are great, but did you know that they can also fight global warming? So say our friends at SALESmanago, who quote research that finds consumers worry about the environmental impact of ad consumption and cite ways that detailed data collected directly from customers can reduce carbon footprints by eliminating waste and “turn eCommerce into ECOmmerce”. I swear they really wrote that.

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