ActiveCampaign Reads Custom Objects from Integrated Systems

Omnichannel marketing platform ActiveCampaign has expanded its customer data management features by enabling users to build automation flows that access custom objects in CRM, support, ecommerce, and other integrated systems.  It’s the sort of thing you’d pull data into a CDP to do, but it seems that ActiveCampaign reads data in the source systems without making its own copy.

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Neustar Launches Real-Time Marketing Optimizer

October 11, 2021

I trust that you, Dear Reader, are in that data-driven minority.  So you’ll be happy to learn that Neustar has launched a real-time marketing optimization platform powered by its detailed data on consumers activities.  It’s all here: marketing mix models, multi-touch attribution, data clean room, cookie-free measurement, person-level exposure tracking, journey analytics, and a cure for baldness.  (They didn’t mention baldness but I think it’s implied.)

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Brightcove Lets Any Brand Create Their Own Streaming Video Channel

October 8, 2021

I’ve already admitted my infatuation with retailer-owned media networks (and will sneak in that Adorama has a new program for onsite ad placements). But why should retailers have all the fun? Video creation platform Brightcove has launched CorpTV, which lets any brand bypass traditional media by creating its own streaming video channel. Recently-launched Salesforce+ is an example.

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