Adobe Adds AI-Driven Marketing Mix Models

Adobe is also pressing for increased automation, and just proudly announced that over 80% of Experience Cloud customers are using at least one AI-powered feature.  Huzzah.  The latest additions to their AI menagerie are automated marketing mix modeling and marketing spend optimization based on estimates of the incremental impact of specific marketing touchpoints.

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Oracle Automates More Lead Generation Tasks

September 21, 2021

Holy Grail or Great White Whale?  Either way, lots of people are chasing fully automated marketing campaigns.  Oracle just joined the quest with Fusion Marketing, which automates some functions and guides marketers through manual steps for others.  The most automated bits include B2B advertising audience generation, reference story selection, company-specific microsites with auto-selected case histories, and AI-powered lead qualification and distribution.

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D4t4 Solutions Adds Prebuilt Conversion Signals to Celebrus CDP

September 21, 2021

Our friends at D4t4 Solutions have their own automation news: they’ve added nearly 100 new preconfigured marketing signals to their Celebrus CDP. The new signals will combine behaviors with historical data to flag customers most likely to convert.  They’re tailored to travel and hospitality, telecommunications, and healthcare industries.  Celebrus already had similar signals for banking and insurance.

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Salesforce Connects AI-Based Marketing Apps with Data from CDP and Google

June 8, 2023

Salesforce kicked off its big Connections conference yesterday, and if you’re surprised the focus was on generative AI, you haven’t been paying attention.  Still, the focus this time was on marketing applications that draw on Salesforce CDP data, so it’s right up our alley.  They also announced direct access to Google BigQuery data, ticking the “zero-copy” box as well.

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