Adobe Integrates Yahoo’s Cookieless ConnectID

Switching back to product news, Adobe Experience Platform has integrated Yahoo’s ConnectID cookiless identifier, which is based on hashed IDs from opted-in Yahoo customers.  The deal will make it easier for Adobe clients to build custom audience segments and target them through Yahoo’s platforms.  (As one of our readers pointed out recently, marketers need to look closely at the coverage provided by these sorts of deals.)

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Nearly All CDPs Meet or Exceed Expectations: Merkle Study

September 17, 2021

I’d rather share news about products and industry events than yet another survey, Dear Reader, but the tons of CDP information in this Merkle study make it irresistible.  One key finding: 61% of tech people say they have a CDP compared with just 37% of marketers, suggesting different definitions.  Then again, 59% said their CDP is being used primarily for data consolidation, which is a pretty firm consensus.  An impressive 97% say their CDP is meeting expectations (52%) or exceeding them (45%).  Lots more here.

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Zeta and Adara Combine Personal Profiles for Travel Data Cloud

September 17, 2021

Sticking with identity products: Zeta, which has 225 million American consumers in its own identity graph (as well as a CDP) has partnered with travel data collector Adara to create the Traveler Data Cloud.  Adara collects first party travel signals from over 300 global brands, so the combination will help companies run personalized travel-related marketing programs across advertising, email, Web, and other channels.

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