Apple Innovates With Non-Targeted Search Ads

Apple is sticking with its anti-tracking stance by adding untargeted “search” ads which appear to show the same ad to all App Store visitors.  You know, like network TV in the 1960’s.  Perhaps they’ll complete the experience with reruns of Mr. Ed.

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Intent IQ Offers Cookie-less Tracking ID

April 27, 2021

Identity resolution vendor Intent IQ has expanded its suite of customer tracking tools with Data Sharing Choice, which asks users to consent to sharing their first-party cookie ID, IP address, and browser information. Unlike other first-party-data-based solutions, Intent IQ’s Browser Identity Hub doesn’t require sharing an email address or other personal information. Intent IQ has previously introduced Mobile Identity Hub, which constructs a persistent ID by clustering mobile app user IDs.

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IRI Launches Omni-Channel Measurement Tools

April 27, 2021

There’s apparently some weird competition between IRI and NielsenIQ to use the word “omni”. NielsenIQ’s opener was its Omnishopper announcement, complete with “omni measurement” of the “omni-experience” across the “omnichannel” landscape. (Bonus points for inconsistent spacing and hyphens.) IRI has countered by expanding its “omnichannel measurement capabilities to offer complete coverage of the omnichannel universe with the launch of two new solutions: IRI OmniMarket™ and IRI OmniConsumer™.” That’s four “omnis” in one sentence, NielsenIQ.

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Google Offers New Ways to Verify Search Results

March 29, 2023

Unpack that Sexy Librarian costume: International Fact-Checking Day is April 2 and the party planning is in full swing.  Google is adding to the fun with five new ways to verify search results, including easier ways to learn more about the source and the author, see diverse opinions, and be warned when available information is limited.  They’re also partnering with the Public Library Association, Teen Fact Checking Network, and International Fact-Checking Network to support year-round fact-checking excitement.

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