Average Big Enterprise Runs 1,000+ Applications: MuleSoft Study

Is identity resolution over-hyped? After all, how many data sources could a company have? Well, 1,020 applications was the average in a MuleSoft survey of IT decision makers at large enterprises. Just 29% were connected despite integration absorbing 22% of IT budgets. Before you jump off a bridge, remember the study covered everything, not just marketing systems.

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Global “Belonging Deficit” is Brand Opportunity: IBM iX Study

February 26, 2018

Is it morally reprehensible to treat gun control as a business case study? Probably. But marketers have a long tradition of seeking private gain from public problems. Here’s one now: a study from IBM iX, the company’s “next-generation experience design and digital consultancy”, explaining how brands can take advantage of the “belonging deficit” plaguing modern society. Conveniently, they found “what’s good for people is also good for brands.” Two thumbs up.

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Retail Rocket Raises $24 Million and Buys Sailplay to Enter U.S. Market

July 6, 2022

Netherlands-based retention management platform Retail Rocket just raised a $24 Million Series A, and immediately spent some of it to buy Sailplay, a New York-based marketing automation vendor that will grow its U.S. presence.  Retail Rocket builds unified customer profiles in a module it charmingly calls Data Warehouse, and has other modules for AI-driven personalization, segmentation, and campaign management.  The company has more than 1,000 global clients across Europe and South America.

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