First-Party Data Is Top Priority for B2B Marketers: D&B Survey

And then there’s first-party data, everybody’s favorite crush.  This Dun & Bradstreet report that finds it’s the top go-to-market priority (40%) among a cross-section of B2B sales, marketing, and data leaders, even ranking ahead of new customer acquisition (34%).  Data accuracy is their top obstacle to data-driven success.

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Application Developers Say AI Should Support Human Decisions, Not Replace Them: Forrester Report

December 23, 2022

AI also got plenty of attention.  No surprise that 95% of IT leaders told Forrester that AI-based decisions will be very important within three years.  Less expected: 57% say the main use case is assisting human decision-makers, not replacing them, and 67% say decisions should be more widely distributed to key stakeholders.  Personalized customer experience ranks sixth on their list of AI use cases.

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Duopoly Share of U.S. Digital Ad Revenues Continues to Shrink: Axios Report

December 22, 2022

If we seem more philosophical than usual this week, it’s not the result of some Scrooge-like holiday transformation (sorry, Jamie), but because hard news is scarce.   Still, it’s a welcome opportunity to talk about long-term trends, like this Axios piece that quotes Insider Intelligence as finding the Google/Meta share of U.S. digital ad revenue will fall below 50% this year.  It’s no surprise – the share peaked back in 2017 – but a good reminder that duopoly power is less secure than it seems.

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Social Commerce Struggles Due to Low Trust in Social Platforms

February 8, 2023

While retail media has been an unexpected success, its sort-of opposite, social commerce, has never met expectations.  This Simplicitydx survey explores why: the biggest problem is low trust in social platforms, which means people prefer to buy directly on brand sites.  Social shopping still has a role to play in product discovery, although social won’t always receive credit if the sale is completed elsewhere.

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