Google follows Apple lead on adding app privacy for Android

…and adds indoor locator and sleep monitoring features (privacy optional)

Google has made a series of announcements: One change will make it harder for third-party apps to see what other apps are installed on an Android device, because Google now considers a user’s list of apps “personal and sensitive data.” Access will be limited to apps that need access to other apps for specific functionality or need broad visibility of other apps to operate.

Google also is adding Live View to Google Maps, a feature that uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to help you navigate when you’re inside a building.  Rather than ask for help finding a restroom or elevator, your phone will show arrows in a virtual view guiding you to the exact location.

And for complete omnipresence, Google Nest Hub offers to monitor your in-bed activity (unless you pause to disable tracking and microphones). However, its radar-based scanning technology can provide personal sleep-tracking reports, including on coughing and snoring.

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