IT’S THE LAW (05/25/2021)

Germany has passed a new Data Protection Act to unify the country’s privacy provisions from their Telecommunications Act and Telemedia Act and bring them in line with GDPR. The new law, known by its acronym TTDSG, is intended to make the legal situation in the country clearer and more consistent, though some critics feel its provisions on personalized data are too loose.

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India, Brazil, Turkey and others oppose WhatsApp policy change

May 25, 2021

WhatsApp, which planned to mandate users agree by May 15th to a new privacy policy or lose access to service, faced new opposition this week. India asked for proof of sufficient protection for its citizens. Brazil delayed full enforcement of WhatApp’s policy pending determination of compliance with their LGPD law. Turkey had conflicting reports about whether WhatsApp would apply the new update now. And, Germany earlier this month ordered Faceook to stop processing WhatsApp user data.

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IRI Intelligence Suite Combines Client and IRI Data

May 24, 2021

Is there any topic nearer to your heart than data integration, Dear Reader?  Oh, sorry to hear that.  But let’s talk about it today anyway.  We’ll start with news that purchase data collector IRI has launched a suite of tools that let clients combine their own data with IRI data and analytics for audience identification, pricing, and demand prediction.  They don’t use the term “clean room” but that seems to be what’s involved.

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