LinkedIn Adds Verification to Job Postings

Knowing who to trust is trickier than ever, and don’t get me started on fake news from blue checks at Twitter.  The folks at LinkedIn are considerably more sensible.  They’ve expanded their employment verification feature to job postings, ensuring that listings are made by someone who actually works at the company they claim.

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Meta Spins Out Kustomer CRM at $250 Million Valuation After Paying $1 Billion

May 23, 2023

It’s barely one year since Meta closed its $1 billion acquisition of the Kustomer CRM platform, which had been delayed since 2020 due to regulatory reviews.  But Meta’s fortunes have changed since then and, like a family that bought a boat they couldn’t afford, they’ve now sold it back to the original owners for a fraction of what they paid.  They did keep a minority stake.

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Amazon Palm Scanner Adds Age Verification

May 23, 2023

Amazon’s palm-scanning technology offers highly reliable verification, although the price includes some hefty privacy concerns.  They’ve just added age verification, so members can buy age-restricted items like alcohol without showing other ID.  Retailers only see a message like “21+”, which is a good approach – so long as you trust Amazon not to do anything else with the information it’s collecting.

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