McDonalds Buys Personalization Vendor Dynamic Yield for $300 Million+

Speaking of stand-alone systems, personalization vendor Dynamic Yield was bought by McDonalds for a hearty $300 million-plus. McDonalds will use Dynamic Yield to tailor drive-through menus to local conditions such as weather and traffic. Dynamic Yield will operate independently and continue to sell its product to other clients.

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Contentstack Offers Connectors to AI Solutions from Amazon, Google, IBM, and Salesforce

March 26, 2019

Contentstack is a cross-channel content management system, not a CDP. But it does rely on unified customer data for personalization. In fact, it just launched prebuilt integrations for major AI platforms including Amazon, Google, IBM and Salesforce that draw on that data. It’s an interesting illustration of how much easier integration has become in recent years – which in turn shows the reduced grip that unified product suites like Salesforce have on their clients.

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