Namogoo Buys Remarkety to Add Behavior-Based Email and Texts

Namogoo calls itself a Digital Journey Continuity Platform, a term with more syllables than I have fingers.  In plainer English, it makes personalized website offers based on customer intent.  They just bought Remarkety, which sends emails and text messages also based on intent.  It’s a good fit.

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Ad Fraud Is Down, Brand Safety Is Up: DoubleVerify Report

July 9, 2021

Namogoo’s original business was blocking unauthorized ads on ecommerce Web sites, one small corner of the ad fraud universe.  After years of growth, that universe is finally shrinking, according to this report from DoubleVerify.  Wide adoption of preventative measures has resulted in lower fraud rates, higher viewability, and fewer brand safety violations.  APAC and Latin America have shown particular improvements.  Download for country-by-country detail.

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