Networked Insights Launches Web-Data-Based Audience Marketing Platform

Ay-yi-yi-yi. No, we’re not talking mariachi music today (although here’s a version of that song in Russian, in case you’re interested). Instead, we’re doing three items involving artificial intelligence: AI-AI-AI, get it? First up: Networked Insights, a social media monitoring system, has just launched an “AI-fueled audience marketing platform”. The company captures information that people share through Web, mobile, and social network behaviors, builds individual profiles, and then makes them available in audiences that can be reached through Twitter, Facebook, and ad exchanges.

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LinkedIn Will Pre-Populate Ad Forms With User Profiles

April 6, 2017

LinkedIn will prepopulate advertising forms with data from user profiles, according to this report. The change is positioned as a way to increase response to mobile ads, where data entry by viewers is challenging (unless they’re under 25, which case they type faster on a phone than a keyboard). In reality, it should provide more accurate information and higher conversion rates. Good way to leverage your data, LinkedIn.

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Leadspace Launches B2B Audience Management Platform

April 4, 2017

Leadspace has launched a B2B “audience management platform”, which combines a company’s own data with third-party data, contact databases, social profiles, intent data, and data on the open web. It includes individuals and companies. Data is updated in real time and made available to other systems for analysis and execution. In other words, it’s a B2B CDP. Leadspace’s original predictive modeling services will be part of the new solution.

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