Neura Assigns “True Personas” Based on Location Tracking

Peering into the future, users choices about which sites to visit will be replaced by AI systems that decide for us. AI vendor Neura offers a glimpse of that world by tracking location with mobile and Internet of Things devices and letting marketers subscribe to “moments” such as “arrived at office”. Anonymized, of course. They’ve just added “True Personas” which uses location history to assign people to categories like “avid runner”, “hard worker” or “late sleeper”. Sign me up! Or maybe they already did.

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PayPal Buys Jetlore Recommendation Engine

May 31, 2018

Finally, PayPal has purchased e-commerce recommendation engine Jetlore for an undisclosed sum. Jetlore analyzes product descriptions, individual behavior histories, and context to make very precise recommendations. It joins PayPal’s Marketing Solutions group, which has tools to help merchants analyze their customers and offer customized purchase incentives. Didn’t know they did that, did you? Jetlore had raised $10.6 million.

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Two-Thirds of C-Suite Can’t Recognize Bad Data: Fivetran Report

December 6, 2021

Like the determined optimist who tells his boss the factory is on fire by reporting they’ll soon be able to update their equipment, let’s find some silver linings in a batch of gloomy surveys today, Dear Reader.  We’ll start with this Fivetran report, which finds that 85% of data leaders say their company has lost money by basing decisions on bad data, and 66% believe their C-suite can’t tell when that happens.  The bright side is there’s lots of room for improvement.

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