SugarCRM Adds Data Integration Platform

SugarCRM, which long ago expanded to include marketing and customer service solutions, has added a data integration platform to connect with external business applications. It’s one more example of making external data available to customer management systems. You know, like you do with a CDP.

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Under 20% of Consumers See Value in Sharing Data

April 7, 2020

We could finish with last week’s 5.2 million name data breach at Marriott but that is barely news these days. So let’s instead share this 23-country study on consumer trust in digital media from GroupM. Just half of global consumers feel technology improves their lives and people in richer countries are even more skeptical. Only 18% think sharing data leads to improved products and services and just 20% are willing to share their data for free.  Another 42% would share if rewarded and 38% don’t want to share at all.

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