Windsor Circle Adds Revenue Lift Reporting

Speaking of old school: predictive ecommerce vendor Windsor Circle, which specializes in customer retention and upsell, announced it is now using split tests and reporting on revenue lift as an alternative to attribution for measuring the value of marketing efforts. They seem to feel this is new, although it was part of Marquis and other MCIFs in 1990s and a direct marketing best practice for decades before that.

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Adobe Analyzes Voice Device Inputs

July 5, 2017

Voice recognition isn’t new, but it’s much more important now that devices like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are capturing consumer intent.  (See this blog post for a deeper analysis.)  So it’s worth noting that Adobe Analytics can now extract information from speech captured on voice-enabled devices.  This will make it easier for companies other than the device owners to use data from those interactions, assuming the outsiders are granted access to what’s said.

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