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Children’s Privacy: Children are increasingly a target for identity fraud; cost to rectify is substantial for families – in dollars and time

November 9, 2021
Kids are an easy target for identity fraud and are increasingly being targeted by criminals, according to Javelin Strategy, which found that 1 in 50 children were victims. Cost on average to families when a child is hit is $1,000+. In the past year, losses for this type of ID fraud totaled $918 million, and the study found that 73% of the perpetrators were people the children knew.
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Publishers Expect to Cut Staff When Cookies Are Gone: Lotame Survey

November 8, 2021
Watching the industry get ready for the post-cookie, privacy-enhanced future has the macabre fascination of a slow-motion train wreck.  This Lotame report finds fewer than 20% feel a high level of urgency to put in place post-cookie solutions and a minority of 42% say they are actively testing solutions.  This despite the fact that most marketers and publishers expect a loss of revenue and jobs when cookies go away.  La la la.
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