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Klaviyo Launches Enterprise-Scale Unified Customer Platform

June 24, 2022
Email and messaging platform Klaviyo has launched Klaviyo One, which helps large brands to “ingest, unify, store, query and analyze customer data, from any integrated source, from any period of time”.  It sounds suspiciously like a CDP, although Klaviyo avoids the term and it’s not clear how easily the unified data can be shared with other systems.    Klaviyo’s 200+ existing integrations include CDPs Lexer, Lytics, Optimove, Simon Data, and Twilio Segment.
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Mono aims to be ‘first bankingless bank’ for Latin America’s small businesses

June 23, 2022
Mono, which as of March, had attracted more than 300 customers and achieved $1 million in total payment volume. Its workforce has grown to 25 employees, and the company expects to round out its senior leadership within the next year. To keep that momentum going, the company announced $6 million in seed funding led by Tiger Global. The new funds will enable Mono to plan for future expansion to other countries, like Mexico, Peru, Chile and Brazil.
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How Ghana’s eCampus puts the classroom in the palm of your hand

June 23, 2022
Ghanaian startup eCampus has created a mobile and web application that gives learners 24/7 access to teaching notes, podcasts, video lessons, audiobooks, tests, and a topic-based discussion forum, putting the classroom in the palm of the user. The platform also provides intelligence for teachers or learning facilitators, helping them to know the strengths and weaknesses of students, and allowing them to provide tailored teaching to the specific needs of every student or learner.
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