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Databook AI Recommends B2B Sales Approach Based on Public Data

March 13, 2023
Why do Customer Relationship Management when you can use “the industry’s first Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) platform” from Databook? Puffery aside, Databook’s system does seem to offer something genuinely new: it gathers public information about companies and uses it to identify likely financial pain points, strategic priorities, relevant products and use cases, and executive sponsors for buying a seller’s products. Lots of AI here, of course.
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Hyper-Personalization Use Tripled from 2022 to 2023: CleverTouch Report

March 10, 2023
This State of Martech 2023 report from CleverTouch found that just under 60% of B2B and B2C companies have a CDP in place, as do 77% of B2B2C firms.  U.S. firms rare twice as likely as European firms to consider themselves data-driven (54% vs 23%) and almost twice as likely to restrict martech system users to martech specialists (47% vs 28%).  Cross-channel “hyper-personalization” has grown from 9% of respondents in 2022 to 26% in 2023.
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Sharethrough Offers Ad Audiences Based on Attention Not Impressions

March 9, 2023
Who knew that media measurement could be so exciting? In the latest plot twist, ad sales platform Sharethrough has burst into the scene with ad inventory packages based on Adelaide’s attention measures rather than impressions.  Meanwhile, in what’s widely seen as a criticism of measurement standards proposed by the TV-programmer-dominated Joint Industry Committee, YouTube has offered its own set of cross-media audience measurement principles.
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