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Consumers More Likely to Buy Products They’re Interested In: IAS Study

June 30, 2022
Hi, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern at the CDP Institute’s Department of the Obvious.  The boss left work suddenly today, muttering something about extradition treaties, so I’m filling in.  Here’s an Integral Ad Science study that used eye tracking technology to find that people viewing content on a topic pay more attention to ads on that topic.  Even more obvious, their purchase intent is higher too.
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You May Not Know What ‘Embedded Analytics’ Means But You’re Already Behind in Delivering It: ThoughtSpot Research

June 29, 2022
“Embedded analytics” might refer to frisky data scientists, but its proper meaning is analytical features built into a product interface. It’s more common than you may have realized (as, perhaps, are frisky data scientists): 55% of respondents to this ThoughtSpot survey say it’s already part of their products. Improved engagement, revenue, and retention were the most-cited benefits.
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Organization, Not Tech, Is Biggest Obstacle to Unified CX: Ascend2

June 28, 2022
One of our mantras at CDP Institute is that organization, not technology, is the biggest barrier to CDP success.  It turns out that same rule applies to CX: this Ascend2 report for Sharpspring says that misaligned goals were the most-often cited reason for disjointed CX (41%), while siloed data was near the bottom of the list at 18%.  On the other hand, organizations with well-integrated systems were much more likely to deliver a good CX than companies with little integration.
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Action IQ CX Hub Separates CDP from Activation

June 27, 2022
ActionIQ has repackaged its product as CX Hub, creating separate modules to build profiles (the CDP), create audience segments, manage customer journeys, and support real-time interactions. The three activation modules can work with any data source, not just the ActionIQ CDP. The move puts ActionIQ on more equal footing with marketing cloud vendors who offer similar modules, although delivery systems like email, CRM, and web content management are not an option…yet.
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Viant Optimizes Ads Based on Viewer Attention; Innovid Measures TV Creative Impact

June 27, 2022
Let’s face it: measuring carbon impact is nowhere near as close to marketers’ hearts as measuring ad results. In one intriguing development, adtech vendor Viant is working to optimize ad campaigns based on attention consumers pay to ads, using attention measurements from Adelaide.   In another, TV ad server Innovid has launched InnovidXP, which simultaneously measures ad results and creative performance across both linear and connected TV.
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