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Google Helps Companies Measure Ad Results Using Their Own Data

February 28, 2022
Google is rolling out Enhanced Conversions, which helps advertisers to connect ads to purchases without cookies.  It relies on the advertiser capturing a customer identifier, like an email address, when the ad is served and again when the customer makes a purchase, and sharing hashed versions of both with Google.   The target market is apparently companies that can’t bring the two bits of information together by themselves.
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SA’s Clickatell closes $91M in Series C funding

February 24, 2022
The South African global chat commerce leader – Clickatell, which helps businesses to connect, interact and transact with consumers anytime, anywhere, in chat has secured a $91 million Series C round of funding in a new finance round led by Arrowroot Capital, with Kennedy Lewis Investment Management, Endeavor Global and Harvest participating. They will leverage this Series C round of funding in accelerating their product development and expanding their footprint in the United States.
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Nigeria’s Terragon, launches solution to help 41M Nigerian SMBs with customer acquisition and retention

February 24, 2022
Africa’s leading Data and Marketing Technology company, Terragon has launched its much-awaited marketing technology platform– TerragonPrime. The platform, which is still in its beta phase, is a realization of a long-time quest and in-house development effort to help Small and medium-sized businesses improve their advertising campaign performance by 50% and acquire customers cost-effectively by leveraging the power of data.
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