Pioneering Privacy-Conscious Advertising with Unified ID 2.0

September 11, 2023

As the digital advertising ecosystem continues its rapid shift away from third-party identifiers, it’s become crucial for brands to adopt privacy conscious technology to plan, manage, and measure their audience targeting.

Amperity helps meet that critical audience activation needs with support for Unified ID 2.0 (UID2). UID2 is designed to replace legacy third-party digital identifiers and provide solutions with privacy and transparency in mind.

Amperity’s integration with UID2 lets advertisers unlock the value of their first-party data and reach their customers across platforms and devices at scale. Brands, agencies, and advertisers are able to generate UID2s via data in the Amperity CDP and use these to deliver audiences directly into The Trade Desk.

A Foundation for innovation

Since our founding, Amperity has been solving the hardest customer data problems facing global brands. Using patented, AI-powered identity resolution, Amperity unifies disparate first, second, and third party data to create a single 360-degree view of a brand’s customers. This data foundation lets advertisers build high-performing audiences and make the most of The Trade Desk’s offerings by providing high fidelity, first-party touchpoints for UID2 to match against.

On top of this foundation, Amperity clients can create custom views to understand their best customers from all angles, fueling personalized experiences that increase lifetime value. We also provide features to unify both online and offline touchpoints, enabling a new level of control over customer journeys and people-based measurement on how advertising drives digital and in-store sales.

Making advertising work better

With this set of core capabilities — AI-driven identity resolution, comprehensive customer profiles, deep audience insights, and centralized activation and measurement — our clients can send the highest quality segments, denoted in UID2, to The Trade Desk. Pioneering adopters of the new offering, including Citizen Watch Group, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Servco Pacific Inc., and First Hawaiian Bank, have reported stronger results, with substantial improvements in their Match Rates, Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

“As a financial institution, our customers expect us to be at the forefront of consumer privacy and we’re thrilled to adopt privacy-conscious technologies such as UID 2.0,” commented Bill Weeshoff, Senior Vice President, Marketing at First Hawaiian Bank “Since adopting Amperity’s connector to The Trade Desk, we’ve noticed a significant uplift in addressability and ROAS. Additionally, we were able to eliminate the need for an onboarding platform and reduce fees while improving our activation timelines from four weeks to two days.”

Our support for UID2 represents our continued push to innovate new solutions, helping our clients drive meaningful business results and lasting connections with their customers.

“Data-driven advertising is now easier than ever for advertisers thanks to partners like Amperity facilitating the use of advertisers’ first party data through UID2,” said Natalie Kansteiner, Director of Ecosystems and Data Partnerships, at The Trade Desk. “Together, we are creating an industry where decisions are more grounded in data, which improves the consumer experience and allows publishers to continue to generate premium, quality content.”

UID2 and Amperity for Paid Media

Our support for UID2 is a key piece of our evolving Paid Media suite, helping brands navigate the new advertising ecosystem. We’ve expanded into this area with innovative connectors to leading ad platforms like Criteo, Amazon, Meta, Google, TikTok, and more, helping paid media marketers succeed in Display, Search, Social, and Programmatic advertising.

Our customers have seen outsized outcomes, with match rates as high as 90%, improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by up to 5x, significant data onboarding savings, and higher overall revenue. These results are a testament to the transformative power of cutting edge privacy solutions when combined with unified customer data, and we’re excited to see it drive business value for our clients.

To learn more about Amperity for Paid Media and our support for solutions like UID2, check out our paid media resource page.

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