Better late than never: Salesforce acquires Tableau… 3 years after Manthan-Tableau integration

June 19, 2019

Manthan is always looking for ways to make data consumption easy and natural for those who need it the most and are pressed for time. From AI-driven intuitive interfaces to self-serve customizable dashboards, we are constantly pushing the bar to provide the B2C segment insights into their data using our analytics software.

In line with this vision, Manthan partnered with Tableau over 3 years ago to bring together Manthan’s deep expertise in pre-built, industry specific analytics with Tableau’s rich visual analytics.

This week, Salesforce came to the same conclusion, when it announced its intent to buy Tableau. Salesforce’s decision to acquire Tableau highlights their shift from CRM into the analytics field.

Is Salesforce just patching up a flop?

“The acquisition will test Salesforce’s focus”, said Zane Chrane, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. According to Chrane, Business Intelligence is “not Salesforce’s core competency and there is much Tableau does that doesn’t pertain to the CRM world, making the fit slightly imperfect.”

According to this Bloomberg article, the acquisition is also an “implicit admission” that Salesforce’s analytics product, Wave, “was a flop.”

Understanding the drive towards self-serve analytics

Manthan customers can directly access data using the Manthan Customer Data Platform through Tableau and publish dashboards. The solution merges the benefits of strong data governance and pre-packaged data sciences (served by Manthan), and business dashboards (served by Tableau), all in one holistic solution.

Manthan had a CDP in 2012, even before the term was formalized in 2013. Earlier this year, Salesforce recognized its need, and they are now building a CDP.

With over 6 years of serving both business and data science users in the retail industry, and now successfully venturing into the QSR segment, Manthan has long understood how critical customer data management is, and the need for democratizing data and analytics.

Before there was a Customer Data Platform, there was…

…Manthan Customer360, a unique customer data and AI platform to serve as the foundation for personalized marketing. It made the life of the marketer, analyst, data scientist, and IT team easier by helping them organize customer data effectively. Out of the box analytical capabilities directly helped in creating better and targeted campaigns much faster.

Manthan has been a pioneer in the CDP space and has been offering the vertical specific CDP with advanced analytics capabilities to retail businesses globally long before the term was even coined.

Salesforce is behind us on both counts. The way I see it, they’re playing catch up with Manthan.

Let’s not forget the AI-driven power-up

Last year, we added AI capabilities to our Customer Data Platform for B2C enterprises; this enabled the system to constantly upgrade unified customer profiles based on every action, generate astute customer insights and action them with personalized product and offer recommendations.

With Manthan Maya, these insights are made available through an easy conversational interface to business users. This is AI on your desk, and in your pocket on your mobile phone – you ask a question in English and get the answer, without having to sift through lengthy reports. This means the ability to proactively act on opportunities and respond to market.

Predicting what’s needed for a future-proof offering is something that comes easy to Manthan.

According to TechCrunch, post the Tableau acquisition, Salesforce is now looking into the possibilities of expanding their AI-based initiatives.

Any bets on who Salesforce will acquire next to bring Einstein to life?