“State of Customer Experience & Service: Human, Connected & Quantified” Report Released by Reuters Events

August 24, 2023

Reuters Events, a leading events company serving a diverse range of industries, has released a new report on the state of customer experience and service amidst the economic uncertainty of 2023. Titled “State of Customer Experience & Service: Human, Connected & Quantified,” the report provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and best practices in customer service and experience, with a focus on prioritizing the customer in turbulent times.

Taking a cross-industry approach across four monthly instalments,the report aggregates information from over 300 global survey respondents. The report includes insights from industry experts – including leaders from Lenovo, Haleon, Microsoft, Verizon, Citizens Watch Company, PVH Corp., Verint and many more – on the importance of human connections in customer service, the impact of emerging technologies such as AI and automation, and the growing use of data and analytics to improve customer experiences. It also highlights case studies of companies that have successfully implemented new technologies and strategies to enhance their customer service and experience.

“The customer experience and service landscape is constantly evolving, and this report provides a valuable roadmap for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve,” said Josh Wheeler, Strategic Director for CS & CX Events at Reuters Events, “Wherever you are along your CX journey, this report will arm you with the tools, insights and strategies you need to secure investment and demonstrate ROI in 2023”.

“State of Customer Experience & Service: Human, Connected & Quantified” is available for download now – access the full report here.