Maximizing Data Investments With Identity Resolution Strategies

October 17, 2017

Customer data onboarding is a practice that makes a crucial connection between offline and known data on a customer so it can be leveraged as online audience segments within a marketers strategy. Having a unified view of a consumer, across all devices, can help marketers in their pursuit of personalized and relevant omnichannel campaigns.

Onboarding with the ultimate goal of customer identity resolution isn’t a one-size-fits all effort though, so marketers truly need to familiarize themselves with the critical steps of the process to develop specifications to best match their own engagement strategies and applications. In thinking about the specific steps one first must understand the types of onboarding solutions available to a marketer.

Tealium recently licensed a July 2017 Forrester report, “Making the Most of Customer Data Onboarding” that breaks down these 2 primary types of customer data onboarding options:

1. Direct onboarding – brands can do this through any of the major media and social networks like Facebook, Google, etc. Direct onboarding works by taking the uploaded data and matching it to the audience within that specific type of record. The resulting audience segment is then used in targeted advertising and measurement within the platforms’ respective properties and networks.

For example with Facebook a brand would upload customer data where the matched records are added to Facebook Custom Audiences for deployment into Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network.

2. Third-party onboarding – brands can do this through the services offered by third-party vendors they’re working with such as LiveRamp, Neustar and Throtle. Third party onboarding works in that these vendor suppliers collect audience data from a network of data providers, typically hundreds of publishers who have registered users associated with cookies and devices. The resulting audience segments are then distributed for activation as targeted ads.

Maximize the impact of onboarding investments and download the entire July 2017 Forrester report, “Making the Most of Customer Data Onboarding” today!