Maximize your marketing impact with the new eCommerce Dashboard

January 16, 2023

Our newest feature, eCommerce Dashboard aggregates data from eCommerce platforms and Marketing software and presents it in real-time, 24/7. Enabling at-a-glance online store performance overview. as well as a detailed track of the performance of different aspects of the business, it is an extremely effective, omnichannel Growth Intelligence tool.

Google is not enough to track marketing performance in eCommerce

eCommerce businesses typically leverage both eCommerce platforms and Marketing software to grow their business. However, the data from these two sources can be disjointed and cause a gap in understanding customer behavior and their journey. Without real-time comprehensive data, there’s a lack of insight that would allow businesses to make smart decisions. To bridge this gap and gain a holistic view, marketers often use Google Tag Manager as a popular choice. Although, platforms like SALESmanago are based on a different attribution model. In Google Analytics, revenue that has been generated by SALESmanago is only monitored if someone accesses the site through a link with the utm_source=salesmanago parameter added. And yet, customers are doing a lot more actions than you want to measure! These differences are especially noticeable with the free version of Google Analytics.

The marketers seem to realize this

As the sheer number of data generated by eCommerce platforms and Marketing software overwhelms the possibilities of Google products, marketers begin to realize, that without real-time, consolidated feed, they wander in darkness:

  • Only 58% of marketers say they are often successful in achieving their marketing goals (Responsify),
  • Only 29% of marketers said they had no issues or delays in getting results from automated campaigns (VentureBeat).

The conclusions are already drawn. As Gartner predicts, by 2025, data stories will be the most common way to use analytics, with 75% of data stories automatically generated rather than made by data analysts.

Seems far fetched? We’ve already set the first steps on this path. Meet eCommerce Dashboard.

Leverage Growth Intelligence that empowers marketers

Using dashboards with clearly visualized data from both eCommerce and Marketing platforms helps you bridge the gap between the two and minimize the risk of incorrectly linking events in the store. This makes it easier to gain a better grip on business activities, giving you the ability to access your data live 24/7. As a result, with this more comprehensive view of the store and its operations, you can make better decisions while optimizing marketing strategies, leading to greater ROI.

Clearly separated data from eCommerce and Marketing platform, visualized at one place

Build loyalty, and generate omnichannel revenue

An eCommerce Dashboard is a powerful feature for marketers, allowing them to identify key areas of opportunity and maximize the impact of their actions. Visual charts and graphs provide a quick snapshot of the performance of different aspects of the business, including loyalty building effectiveness overview, so you can easily pick the right actions. Detailed omnichannel revenue attribution provides you with a comprehensive overview of different marketing activities’ performance. All of this combined gives you the tools to be in charge of your marketing budget, and induce business growth, so you can be a trusted revenue partner for your CEO.

Expressively distincted revenue sources in the form of easily readable revenue attribution graphs.

Visualize data clearly and legibly

eCommerce Dashboard enables you to easily visualize your data. Using various graphs, charts, and other visuals, all in one UI, you identify patterns, dependencies, and trends much more quicker, than when comparing data from various sources manually.

Aggregate eCommerce and marketing data

Our goal, while creating this new feature, was to enable you to leverage Growth Intelligence, and boost your business. The eCommerce Dashboard is the ultimate solution for connecting your eCommerce platform with your marketing data in real-time from one convenient location. With this powerful Growth Intelligence enhancer, you’ll have the insight and data you need to maximize the impact of your business and drive growth.

Get a better grip on business activities

Our eCommerce Dashboard puts all of your vital data in one place—from sales to revenue attribution, to digital marketing performance. Detailed revenue attribution put in a form of clear graphs enables you to enhance your omnichannel impact. You can now drill down into specific metrics and understand connections in omnichannel campaigns to maximize your efforts.

See the performance overview live, 24/7

Aggregated, real-time data feed, results in faster problem-solving. On top of this, comprehensive insight into the dynamics of an online store enables you to make more informed decisions. With this intuitive dashboard, you’ll have access to an array of live information all the time, so you can act immediately and stay ahead of the competition

Identify hot areas at-a-glance

On a grander scale, eCommerce Dashboard enables you to make more informed strategic decisions. Also faster, considering you are now able to identify the most critical performance indicators at-a-glance, gain in-depth analysis of your eCommerce environment, efficiently streamline workflows, and re-allocate resources.

At-a-glance performance overview of your store, in real time, accessible 24/7

Wrapping up

The new eCommerce Dashboard is a practical application of the Growth Intelligence rule. Our expertise led us to compose an optimal array of data, to make fast, informed decisions on:

  • strategic
  • operational
  • day-to-day

levels and achieve marketing goals effectively, the Lean Way.