Designing a Data Supply Chain for Data-As-A-Service

December 18, 2018

Having a clearly defined data strategy is a necessity in creating exceptional moments with customers and ensuring long-term brand loyalty. Yet most organizations aren’t sure which strategies and methodologies need to be implemented to ensure accurate and seamless alignment of data within the overall business strategy.

Ted Sfikas, Director of Solutions Consultants, North America and LATAM, Tealium, recently did a webinar on “Designing A Data Supply Chain For Data-As-A-Service.”

In this webinar, Ted showcased why data is so critical to an organization, what Data Center of Excellences are, and what the requirements are of data today. You can find key takeaways below:

Data Requirements Today

  • Data must be up-to-date, trusted and available in real time
  • Every department needs the same first-party data set, at exactly the same time
  • Privacy and regulations will require a central, governing approach that applies to all
  • Implementation must be flexible and modern – data must flow freely throughout the enterprise and must be orchestrated centrally at some point
  • Future proof: Machine Learning (ML) is upon us and without a central, governing entity to orchestrate, the business will be adversely impacted as competition moves ahead

3 Keys in a Data Center of Excellence

The CoE can be a virtual organization or a dedicated one. It covers the “people”, “process” and “technology” needed for a data supply chain:


  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Solution Delivery
  • Service Administrators


  • Data Strategies
  • Best Practices
  • Data Chargeback Model


  • Data Collection Technology
  • Data Enrichment Technology
  • Data Activation Technology

What Is Data-As-A-Service?

  • The technology delivery method for a Data Supply Chain
  • The most cost effective and lowest risk approach for modern organizations
  • Delivers on the promise of built-in, unified capabilities for every stakeholder, regardless of platform or department

To get more key insights and takeaways on Data-As-A-Service, watch the on-demand webinar and learn:

  • Why a data supply chain is critical in creating a high performing data and analytics program
  • How to build a data supply chain
  • 4 ways data-as-a-service becomes a necessity for organizations
  • How to standardize how data is requested and received

Watch the on-demand webinar and start designing your Data Supply Chain for your Data-As-A-Service strategies today!